Barbie’s total takeover

It’s kind of amazing that I’ve gotten this far without a Barbie request. Fashion feels like a wall-to-wall pink takeover right now but this request isn’t seen in the movie, it is for the jumpsuit Greta Gerwig wore while directing. 


This one is Pistola and it is in stock. Everyone wants in on the movie of the summer so there’s loads of pink boiler suits available right now to live your best Barbie life. (Thanks Lonnie!)


EmRata x Morticia Addams

Onto another iconic fictional woman: Morticia Addams. Emily Ratajkowski wore a Cara Mia tank top on a dog walk and I knew I would get an email about it. The good news is it’s available via pre-order right now. The brand is Vanna Youngstein and it’s so cool, Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and the cast of Euphoria have also been spotted in the bedazzled baby tees. These kind of graphic t-shirts come and go into style – I distinctly remember these being really big in the late 90s/early aughts. These have already been covered by British Vogue so I expect a full-on takeover of these tees coming soon. 


Zaya Wade’s tag-free dress

Next up, a request for Zaya Wade’s floral dress. Zaya is a fashion star and has already modeled for Prada and Miu Miu. The dress is Reformation and I can understand why the person who emailed didn’t realize it because Zaya tagged the second photo in the album, not the first. People don’t always flip through to the second photo. This must be on purpose and is it what the cool kids are doing? Are tags out? Do the teens think tags are tacky?


Selena Gomez’s distressed overalls

Selena Gomez went on a daytime boat trip and wore a really pretty pink bikini (Teen Vogue identified it as Revel Rey) and instead of a caftan or something, chose overalls as her cover-up. I’m super into this because I often find bathing suit covers really old fashioned and the prints are like, sheer leopard meets cheetah. Why so much animal print?! So when I need a bathing suit cover, I usually just wear a long button down or a t-shirt dress. Selena’s overalls are mega-distressed and looking through past photos, she loves herself an overall. I think these ones are a BDG (from Urban Outfitters) pair that she’s had for a few years. These look really comfy and worn in, not stiff like new denim can be. And the good news for those looking to add a pair of overalls is that every season, most denim brands have one in their collection – look for a super distressed finish if you want the Selena look.