Blake + Taylor + Gigi

Taylor Swift’s been rolling through NYC with her girls pretty frequently and if we look at it as a team sport, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez are in the starting lineup. (See, I can do sports too!) 


Blake has been presented and accounted for at most of these dinners which makes sense, as she and Ryan have a family home about an hour outside of Manhattan and also keep an apartment for the city. When the kids are in school, they can be at the family home and for weekends or work or social time, they can be in the city. Seems like a great setup for them. 

On to Blake’s outfit. She always looks great at these dinners and this very rich sweater is by Guest in Residence, a cashmere line co-owned by Gigi Hadid. No surprise she’s supporting her friend, especially when the sweaters are this good. And I think we will see this again on Blake, for years to come. 


Also, the green dress Taylor Swift wore is by an independent Scottish clothing line – I love stories like this. One pap stroll and look at the impact. (Thanks Brit!)

Penelope Cruz’s full Chanel look

Penelope Cruz is pretty tied to Chanel and I agree with Lainey in that this partnership can be stifling in terms of choices. At a recent luncheon, Penelope was in head-to-toe Chanel and I did like the mini dress with the classic cap toe slingbacks. What made the outfit for me is the stockings, which are most definitely Chanel as well. 


I couldn’t find a pair online (which isn’t unusual for this brand). These aren’t quite socks, they are more like stockings and it turns out there’s not a lot of knee-highs out there. Wolford and Agent Provocateur both carry them but minus the stripes. Frankly not as satisfying as the striped version.


I also went on an Etsy deep dive but came up short. Thought all hope was lost until I came up on High Heel Jungle, which has loads of really pretty and fancy socks that are meant to be part of an outfit, not hidden under pants. There aren’t a ton of knee-highs available but the sheer socks are really great too. (Lainey, you need to get these houndstooth knee-highs. Yes, I’m publicly bullying you into shopping!) Below is Penelope at the event with her BFF Salma Hayek. 

Penélope Cruz attends Salma Hayek Pinault's and Kristen Stewart's celebratory luncheon
Penélope Cruz attends Salma Hayek Pinault's and Kristen Stewart's celebratory luncheon honoring Penelope Cruz's starring role in Michael Mann's Ferrari at the Mandarin Oriental Residences Beverly Hills on December 14, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California

Katherine Heigl’s Grey Day

Katherine Heigl, what a turnaround. Really great appearance for her at the Emmys and how excited people were that she was included (as she should be). OK I didn’t get a question about the dress but about the robe and how to get a robe like this. 


Katherine is in a hotel and I am a big believer that hotel robes are the best because they are slightly worn in but not worn out. Soft but not threadbare or sloppy. I’ve never met a hotel robe I don’t like. Also, they are most always white and that makes it look like a spa robe, which we equate with relaxation. A hotel robe is a mental state. I recently received an L.L. Bean robe and the quality is excellent. Very soft and fluffy, very warm. That to me is a night robe, after a bath or shower. 

Katherine is wearing a morning robe. The person wearing this robe can still get things done. If I were shopping for one, I’d go straight to the source: the hotel. Many properties (like Four Seasons, Fairmont, the Ritz) have stores were you can buy the signature scent from the lobby or whatever. The robes are pricey, but in line with what you’d pay at a department store, and really plush. 


Yes it’s bougie, it’s ridiculous and it’s a splurge but hotel shops are my new favourite sites to browse. (From Lainey: I was gifted a Four Seasons robe and it’s AMAZING.)