I’ve been traveling this week so I’m keeping it light with three pieces that are all white. I didn’t plan it that way but it seems like prints and bright colours are not very prominent this season, likely because of the whole “quiet luxury” aesthetic. Everyone wants to dress like they are invisible. 


Dressing in black and white tones is an issue for me… because of Kanye West. Whatever the current thought about Kanye, he was massively influential on the aesthetic we see everywhere: puffy sandals with sneakers, chunky sandals and monochromatic dressing. Way back in 2014, he told GQ: “Most clothes are black or white. But I don't like all that contrast. It looks either too work, too waiter, or too wedding-y to me.” For whatever reason, this quote stuck in my brain and now when I see black and white dressing, I think of it. 

Elsa Pataky’s Chloe tank top

Going to kick off today with a true social media request – Elsa Pataky in a knit white tank top. The cut and creamy colour look great on her. This is a luxury vacation piece that can be worn year-round (which I think is crucial – I don’t like having clothes that are only worn a week out of the year). Elsa’s looks ribbed but it’s actually woven with cashmere and wool and it’s styled quite differently on the Net-a-porter site


I prefer Elsa’s looser shape over the fitted version on the model. Did I mention it’s Chloe? So it’s on sale for around $800 right now but brands like Banana Republic and Mango are also doing more affordable knit tanks. (Thanks Mandy!)


Jennifer Lawrence’s white cargo pants

Jennifer Lawrence has been wearing a lot of The Row’s pieces and working in black and white for her wardrobe. The wide leg pants and fitted tees are very quiet-luxury-meets-the-90s. A reader wrote in looking for her white cargo pants (see? SOOOOOOO 90s) and they are the Leset Yoko pant. $220, so not The Row pricey but still a budgetary consideration. (Thanks Jen!)


Angelina Jolie’s white trench coat

Angelina Jolie doesn’t make a lot of public appearances (red carpets or papped) so when she does, it’s a big deal. There’s already coverage about this outfit on InStyle, Harper’s BAZAAR and W Magazine, with a focus on the Valentino bags and her traditional pumps. I’ve had questions about the trench coat and it’s very luxurious and not from her go-to brands (Chloe, Valentino, Loro Piano, Ryan Roche, YSL). I’ve taken a look around and there are many luxurious white trench coats but I couldn’t find hers specifically. It could be vintage or from her closet but it could also be new. Very new. This might be a first look at Atelier Jolie.