Lucy Hale’s dramatic pajamas

Lucy Hale rang in the new year two years sober and in a saucy pajama set. This looks like a sleep set that a Real Housewife would wear on a cast trip, when they come down to breakfast before they’ve been to glam and so they all wear sunglasses around the breakfast table. That’s all to say, these are fun. 


These are also great holiday pajamas, great work-from-home pajamas, great occasion pajamas for no occasion at all. (On sale at Nadine Merabi.) 


Busy’s Scandi style

Busy Philipp’s oldest child is in boarding school in Sweden. On a recent visit, Busy wore a set from Baum Und Pferdgarten. Specifically the Nibal blue pants and matching shirt. I feel like these are the kind of sets that will be big this year, an evolution from the matching sweat suits that were everywhere during Covid. 


Zaya Wade: It Girl activated

At 15, Zaya Wade has sick style and in the next few years she is poised to be the next nepo baby influencer alongside Sophia Richie, Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey. Here she is in a perfect New Year’s Eve look and I believe it’s a sold-out Rag & Bone crochet dress. It’s Kaavia James approved! (As for Gabrielle and Dwyane Wade, I will address that situation in Celebrity Social Media later today.)


Boxing Day 4ever

Hunter Harris pretty much sums up Boxing Day this year. 


The sales are steep this year and many are still on. Boxing Day is making Black Friday look foolish! This is particularly true with clothes and shoes. There’s an abundance of really good stuff on sale buttttt that’s tempered by a big old asterisk because of the economy and inflation. Here’s what I’ve pulled in the last week: a new denim shirt to replace one that was very well worn and starting to tear at the seams. (I’ve decided 2024 is going to be the year of double denim. That’s going to be my THING.) I also bought new sneakers, which are a very adult purchase. Sneakers are practical but no pair can last forever, especially if they are being put to use. I caved and finally bought a pair of those hideous ON sneakers which I make so much fun of but, joke is on me, they are like walking on a cloud. I only wear them when I’m sure I won’t run into anyone I know. They are airport sneakers, through and through.

I also got a wildly impractical and wonderful pink and orange cardigan that sheds like a shaggy dog. I leave wispy bits of pink and orange fluff everywhere I go. It’s like having a pet for a coat. But if you can’t be a ball of fluff in January, when can you be a ball of fluff? Find your impractical piece that is a shot of fashion adrenaline and leave your mark everywhere you go on this endless Monday of a month.


It looks like the kind of sweater coat Selena Gomez would wear on Only Murders in the Building, which is a great segue because Only Murders will be airing on ABC, which is a smart move. Streaming to network, has that ever been done before? I’m not sure. And on top of that, Selena wore a really cute pair of ballet flats on her story so a fan account did the work. Zara. I would have guessed Miu Miu first.