Natasha Lyonne goes southwest

I’m surprised it took me this long to get a request for a piece from Poker Face because the wardrobe is what I would call southwest contemporary (is that a thing?) and filled with pieces that look wearable in real life. Natasha Lyonne, the quintessential New Yorker, easily handles cowboy boots and tassels and vests even though it’s very different from her usual style.


A reader was looking for the denim shorts seen here on Natasha Lyonne.

Natasha Lyonne in Poker Face

The brand is Stoned Immaculate and the shorts are currently on sale. Lyonne’s character wears a few pairs from this brand and fans of her wardrobe are in luck because costume designer, Trayce Gigi Field, is extremely generous with her expertise, she tags a lot of her posts. Even if a specific look is not on her feed, like these denim shorts, I was able to find the denim line in another post and go from there. (Thanks Ami!)


Succession’s power pants

There’s been so much written about the Succession wardrobe choice and how that communicates to the audience who is in power in that scene, from Tom’s puffy vest to Greg’s boat shoes to Kendall’s Lanvin sneakers, but it is probably Shiv’s wardrobe that gets the most attention as it’s closely tied to her evolution (or devolution?) from a slightly rebellious outsider to company woman. Shiv doesn’t always know who she is and that shows in her clothing.


These are the Frankie pants by Suistudio (sold out) and judging by Google results, one of the most exciting pieces Shiv has worn. There are dozens of hits about these pants not because they are outrageously unique, but because of the confidence these pants display. A new season will mean a whole new round of wealth dissection from a fashion standpoint and I highly recommend reading/following Rachel Syme (from the New Yorker) as I consider her the preeminent Succession wardrobe scholar of our time. Town & Country, W Magazine, Harper’s BAZAAR, InStyle, Vogue GQ and the Instagram account @successionfashion also do a fair bit of coverage and costume designer Michelle Matland have broken down many of the specific looks (like in this W Magazine piece). Shiv wears a lot of MaxMara, Armani, Vince, Emiliia Wickstead, The Row and Ralph Lauren. As for the high-waisted plaid pants like the ones above, check out Banana Republic , a wide-leg, high waist pair in blue, a more straight leg version from H&M or go full Shiv in  a pricier plaid option from Annie Bing or Isabel Marant. (Thanks Gail!)

Whitney’s dazzling jacket

Another reader request, this time for a jacket worn in I Wanna Dance with Somebody. It’s a replica of a piece Whitney Houston wore at Radio City Music Hall and costume designer Charlese Antoinette showed us the process of how it was made (via upcycled material) on TikTok and posted to her Instagram. Again, we love a generous stylist!


 Whitney Houston was one of one, so it makes sense that when recreating her vibe, her clothes are also one-of-a-kind. This isn’t an easy one to find dupes for because it’s such a specific look – matador jackets can float into costume territory and there’s so much detailing done by hand (which makes it a bigger investment), so this is not a spur of the moment off-the-rack purchase. That said, who has the hook-up on a 90s black-and-gold jacket, send it my way. (Thanks Sudevi!)

A last minute request for Gigi Hadid’s ombre dress…

This dropped in my inbox right as I was filing but the dress is so good, I didn’t want to wait until next week. It’s Gigi Hadid in a reddish-orange ombre dress (see photos here and attached below). Yes she’s a supermodel and looks amazing in anything but this dress is definitely special. It’s Altazurra Fall Winter 2023 and I fully expect to see it everywhere soon.