It’s all coming up Ayo Edebiri! Ayo won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress Comedy Series and she won the fashion award too because this custom Louis Vuitton was… simply… ridiculous. Ridiculously, stupidly, f-cking unreal. 


And it would have to be because it’s really just a strapless black dress but… not just any black dress. It’s leather and it’s sculpted and the shape it, MY GOD. 

Ayo Edebiri
Ayo Edebiri, winner of the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for "The Bear," poses in the press room at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Peacock Theater on January 15, 2024 in Los Angeles, California

Duana compared it to one of those punch balloons when it’s deflated. And that’s a compliment – to be able to craft leather and mold it in a way where it holds that specific form, maintaining a flexible rigidity while looking soft and being wearable. Wearable! Because at no point last night did she look uncomfortable, at no point was there any restriction in her movement. That’s art, that’s craftmanship, and it’s also just a really f-cking cool look with the leather panels extending from the skirt through the ribs and all the way up. No wonder she went with a well-tailored but otherwise unremarkable white suit the night before at the Critics Choice Awards. Because she knew she was coming with the biggest drip a day later. 


And can we talk about how popular Ayo is? We caught a moment on our ETALK cameras during the red carpet pre-show just as Henry Winkler made a point of stopping her to tell her how much he adores her. He introduced her to his family, he held her there for several long minutes with non-stop praise. I watched her put her hand to her heart, almost in disbelief that the Fonz himself was a fan. 

Everybody loves Ayo it seems, including the woman who presented to her, Christina Applegate. You don’t shout out, “Ayo, get your ass up here” if there’s no affection. 


But let’s talk about Christina because it was the best presenter who presented to the best dressed and Christina, off the top of the show, was a moment. It was one joke after another, because this is how she’s getting through it – laughter along with the tears. 


It was a great way to start off the night – from Christina to Ayo and then, a short while later, Quinta Brunson winning the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress Comedy and to receive the honour from Carol Burnett herself!


Quinta and Ayo are best friends! THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS! Best friends winning Emmys on the same night – it’s beautiful and rare and if you haven’t seen this, your heart is about to burst. This, below, for me, is better than TNT. This is the friendship rom-com, the friend-com, that we must protect at all costs!

But, um, yes, and I say this in very small grey print and in the lowest voice and as quickly as I can get all the words out but I couldn’t get down with Quinta’s dress especially since the one the night before at Critics Choice was so good and it’s not even the wrinkles on this one it’s just the boring style and colour because she’s almost always such a winner on the red carpet but whatever it doesn’t matter, we love her and we love Ayo, the end!