Aziz Ansari was supposed to direct a film starring Bill Murray, which was supposed to be released in 2023. That film was scuppered, though, amidst misconduct allegations against Murray (who can be seen in the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel, Frozen Empire, so everyone’s doing fine!). Aziz is also doing fine, he is directing a new project, Good Fortune, based off his own script. The film is now in production, and Aziz was on set yesterday with stars Keanu Reeves and Seth Rogen.


Besides writing, producing, and directing Good Fortune, Aziz is also starring, and Keke Palmer just joined the cast, too. So, once again, despite a setback, Aziz bounced back, and in this case, better than ever. Having a film scrubbed sucks because that’s months, if not years of writing and prep down the drain, but in this case, a film with Keke Palmer, Seth Rogen, and Keanu Reeves is WAY more interesting to me than the thing with Bill Murray. He’s a legend, sure, but one complicated in recent years by allegations of bad behavior, old and new. Keanu Reeves and Keke Palmer, meanwhile, are practically unicorns—much loved and unproblematic Hollywood stars. Seth Rogen, too, has been enjoying a wave of appreciation for being both a joyful stoner and a good ceramicist (people love dudes who throw pots to smoke pot).


Given the trials of the last few years, bouncing from his #MeToo scandal to his tanked film project, it almost seems like Aziz went out of his way to surround himself with the Hollywood equivalent of human sunshine. Can’t say I blame him after the Murray meltdown, but I am also cynical enough to wonder if it’s a deliberate ploy, a way of proofing his film, and by extension himself, from any criticism, such as people like me reminding everyone he had a #MeToo scandal. The eventual press tour for this film will be wild, with Rogen and his trademark laugh, Keanu and his chill vibes, and Keke and her beaming charisma all surrounding Aziz in positive energy. Welcome back, Aziz! It’s like nothing ever happened twice!