Like Ariana DeBose and Simone Ashley, it was also the first time at the Met Gala for Bad Bunny and Stormzy. And like Ariana and Simone, they too repped the same fashion house: Burberry. 


For Bad Bunny, not only is this one theme with all the design detailing of the Gilded Age, and the hair and the accessories, the outfit also fits into his personal aesthetic. He’s been seen in crop tops and skirts, he loves getting his nails done, he’s been showcasing a fluidity in his style for a while – so his look at the Met Gala is not new in terms of where he identifies his fashion personality. What’s new, of course, is the actual outfit, made specifically for him and his preferences by Riccardo Tisci:

It’s both masculine and feminine, it’s traditional and modern, and for someone as famous as he is, with all his streaming records, with his influence on the music industry, his status as a global superstar, it’s amazing to see that the way he dresses isn’t a stunt (I see you Jared Leto) but really just a reflection of how he wants to express himself. 


Burberry and Riccardo Tisci also dressed Stormzy for his Met Gala premiere. Two different artists, two entirely different vibes. No one did “white tie” better than Stormzy last night. This white cape is exquisite. The tuxedo is exquisite. Those white lapels! What could possibly be more elegant than those beautiful white lapels?! On theme? So on theme. They were all about capes and cloaks during the Gilded Age. And I’m sure it’s not lost on anyone that white tie, considered the most formal of dress codes for the upper class, is being modelled in its highest form, on a Black man. In my opinion Stormzy is one of the best dressed at the Met Gala of all time.