This is slightly hyperbolic…but not that hyperbolic – like, I almost just cried when I saw these new shots of Cameron Diaz on set in London with Jamie Foxx. 


Cameron Diaz. On set!

The last movie she was in was Annie, back in 2014. Which means that by the time this movie comes out it’ll have been a whole decade. So the title of this project, Back in Action, I feel is kinda tailored for her? Nobody knows what this is about… but I also don’t give a sh-t, I’ll watch it anyway. Because it’s Cameron Diaz, who at one point was one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and I miss her, and I’m seeing her hair in beachy waves just past the shoulder and she looks great in this black suit and I’m bathing in the nostalgia. 

As for the rest of the cast, they just announced today that Hot Priest Andrew Scott has joined and Kyle Chandler and Glenn Close were already confirmed a few weeks ago so we’ve got an ensemble here for this action-comedy which is exactly the right vibe for Cam’s return. 


She was happy not working, taking all that time off, spending time with family – so if she’s going to make a comeback, it has to be fun for her, it has to be a good time. And besides, she’s so good at hijinks and silliness. This is when everyone first fell in love with her; I recently rewatched There’s Something About Mary and I appreciate it so much more now that I better understand the industry and the high degree of difficulty in comedy and this was gross-out comedy in the 90s, and not only was she game for it, she was skilled at it. Probably still skilled at it. 

So whatever Back in Action is all about, I’m in. Can’t wait.