Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were seen at Coachella making out but then he was also seen with another model, Chantel Jeffries. A month later, Bella and Abel are both in Cannes. And they were at a party together last night. And photographed kissing. 

Back together? 

Is it this just a festival thing? People get horny at festivals – music festivals, film festivals, definitely writers’ festivals. Does this just happen when Bella and Abel find themselves at the same festival? Or will this be more permanent? 

Bella, for the most part, has been pretty single in the time that she and Abel were apart. There may have been a few hookups here and there but no one became a regular. The Weeknd, as we allllll know, was with Selena Gomez immediately after he and Bella broke up. And now Bella is back in his life. How do we feel about that? 

Because I don’t think I could. I’m too petty, too good at holding on to resentment. It’s like my superpower. That issue would always eat at me. And I would always wonder – are you with me because you want to be or because you can’t be with her, because if you always wanted to be with me why did you have to leave me to figure it out? 

There are two phrases that have been romanticised over time: “the heart wants what it wants” and “you don’t know what you’ve lost ‘til it’s gone”. And I have grown to hate them both. Because both of these expressions are only ever deployed when there’s been a f-ckup. Nobody ever says that “the heart wants what it wants” when you’re not questioning what their heart wants; there’s always a negative association to what the heart is wanting. Same goes for “you don’t know what you’ve lost ‘til it’s gone”. Basically you didn’t appreciate it when it was there. So you’re a dumbass. Unless you’re strumming these words along with your guitar and then it becomes a sweet love song. WHY?