Yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, I wondered if Bella Hadid and The Weeknd had broken up. Before the end of the day, a confirmation of my theory appeared on E!. So am I psychic? MAYBE. (Absolutely not.) Bella and Abel’s breakup isn’t a surprise because we’ve been here before. They broke up in 2016 and, comparing the statements from sources, then and now:

Per E! in 2015: "Their schedules got very busy and it really cut into their relationship. They are still in each other's lives though, just not in the same exclusive capacity.

Per E! in 2019: "They are in different places right now, physically and mentally. Abel is working on his new album and the distance has been an issue for them. Both Bella and Abel have been back and forth from LA and NYC, but at opposite times."

But wait! Later in the day, ET reported that the two are not broken up but working through some issues – the same ones mentioned above.

So it sounds like they are in a grey area, and it’s understandable. Bella travels the world as a model and Abel is a super intense artist who is finishing a new album. Lots of couples thrive in long distance relationships, but if you combine distance with stress and unavailability and add in fame, it’s hard to keep the momentum going. 

When Bella and Abel were together, they seemed solid. That could partly be because they don’t give us anything besides the occasional Instagram post. Considering how visible and popular they both are, they keep their sh-t pretty tight. You don’t ever hear anything, good or bad, about either of them. It’s kind of curious that one of the biggest models and one of the biggest musicians of their generation are together and it’s contained to a few Instagram posts a year. 

The most gossip we ever got was when he dated Selena Gomez and even then, Bella appeared (mostly) unbothered. In the age of social media, communicating shade through Instagram is basically a second language but Bella gave us almost nothing, which is practically stoic for a famous person in their early 20s. 

The strategy has worked for her professionally. She’s probably the most mysterious model at her level, right? For those of us who watch Real Housewives (and I DO), we remember Bella as a semi-sulky teenager from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her mom Yolanda was a cast member and was actively training older sister Gigi to go into modeling after high school – posing, dieting, meeting with photographers. Yolanda knew exactly how to position her daughters, even as Bella seemed a lot more chill about it. After their careers took off, Bella’s chronic Lyme disease diagnoses became a storyline and Yolanda brought Bella’s medical records (!!!!) to a reunion show. (How do people not watch this show?) Seeing Bella now, she seems so far removed from Andy Cohen’s world. 

But back to the shaky couple. After the album, he will presumably tour and that isn’t great for a relationship, either. So this break(up?) could last a year, maybe more. If we were going to Gossip Genie her, who would you set her up with? This is usually my favourite part of these posts and yet… I have nothing. Bella is too much of an enigma. One thing we do know is that Drake has several drafts ready for the DMs.