“I don’t know her,” White House edition. 


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There are so many things I love about this clip: Fred Savage’s fangirling. The glimpse into Beyoncé as a school mom and her approachability in that space (he walked up to her, which makes me think Julius wasn’t around). The idea that Beyoncé (!!!!) isn’t sure if Fred Savage recognizes her. Even Tina Knowles, who only refers to him as the “guy with the mole,” is amused. 


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The Daily Mail has another negative story about Brand Beckham. This time it’s about how Cruz has signed with Scooter Braun instead of the couple’s long-time business partner, Simon Fuller. While the story is technically true, this happened in 2016 (I wrote about it here). Since the signing, there’s been no push to make Cruz a mini popstar (which is actually the healthiest decision you can make for a kid with that option).

The story also points out that Victoria is “loosening” her ties with Simon Fuller and, along with David, has signed to WME. A few years ago, the British tabloids were focusing on a “split” between their businesses, using that as a sign that they were done. Turns out the split for the Beckhams was from Simon Fuller, not each other. But for tabloids that have been betting on a breakup for 20 years, they need to make it sound salacious. Let’s see how long it takes for them to paint Victoria as disloyal to Simon. 


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I would watch a reality TV show on how Disney chooses its theme park actors (masked/fur and face are the categories). Is there a fame hierarchy amongst the staff, with the princesses and the classic characters and the supporting cartoon friends? Does Ariel get better treatment than, say, Donald Duck? Earlier this summer we went to Universal studios and there was an X-Men character (I think?) who had to legit ask people to take a photo with her because Captain America was there and, well, everyone was about Cap. It was the saddest thing. 


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Are Bella Hadid and The Weeknd still together? It’s not unusual for them to go a long time without being seen together, but it feels like it’s been an extra-long minute. 


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Everyone is freaking out that Gigi Hadid went on a date with a Bachelor person, but I’m more interested in her attending a John Mayer show. As we know, Gigi is still tight with Taylor and John has been an EOT (Enemy of Taylor) for a very long time. So how does this work, your friend hanging out with a nemesis, and it all plays out publicly? I guess Taylor has been here before (like when Karlie Kloss and Katy Perry had sushi together at the height of their feud). And Karlie is definitely no longer in the squad. 


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Because everyone loves a little gossip nostalgia, InStyle has celebs going through their past covers, a very smart social media play. Demi hates one look (it’s not great, but she’s still Demi Moore) and Jennifer Aniston said it’s like going through puberty. Drew just loves it all.  


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