We haven’t gotten any new Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas dog walking photos all week. Since the start of lockdown, we haven’t gone more than six days without seeing them together. And that trend continues!


This time, they’re not dog walking, they’re shopping for groceries and other supplies. Here are Ben and Ana at CVS and Whole Foods yesterday, getting domestic. Not that they haven’t been domestic now for months. Looks like they left with quite a haul at both places. I mean it’s not stockpiling, but it is two carts between them full of groceries. Which in these times makes sense because not that many people are going out for dinner. A lot of us are still eating every meal at home, so cooking almost every meal at home. And I guess that applies to Ben and Ana too? Also, maybe they’re loading up on all that food for the kids too. Ben’s children have been spending time at his place with Ana. I don’t have kids but I have seen how kids can go through food. It’s astonishing. 

Anyway, Ben and Ana, as you can see, are openly affectionate. It’s that stage in a relationship, you know? When you can’t even pay for something at the CVS without touching each other. And that concludes this installment of the Ben-Ana Check-in.