The last we saw of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas they were in New Orleans on reshoots for their film Deep Water. They were seen back in LA yesterday in time for the American Thanksgiving holiday. Which would make sense since of course Ben would want to be with his kids. This would also be his and Ana’s first holiday season together. 


Their relationship sparked on set around this time last year, sure, but that was probably too soon for them to be spending Christmas together. And he, Jennifer Garner, and the kids were reportedly in Montana

It was only in January when Ben and Ana were seen offset on romantic dinners. And then, as we saw, their relationship picked up pretty seriously from that point. Serious enough…to go ring shopping?

LOL, that’s where they were photographed yesterday and he knew this would be a thing which is why he apparently told the paps that “I’m not engaged”. For the record, I believe him. They had a friend with them for starters and also, by this point, being the experienced celebrity that he is, I don’t think he’d be that sloppy if he were engaged, to just get busted by the paps like that. 

Even if they wanted it out there, like it was premeditated, he wouldn’t be wearing a puffy coat, and she’d have on a cuter outfit. That’s not going to stop the tabloids, probably, from speculating on it but my read is that it was a simple shopping trip, because Christmas is four weeks away, and nobody is engaged …yet.