I posted about Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas in Cuba on Friday. Some Show Your Work details on this: I led with the article that morning because no English entertainment outlets were on it yet that day and, afterwards, as PEOPLE and E! and others started picking it up, more details were revealed about their relationship. That said, it’s not like they were doing the most to stay low. They were moving around Cuba pretty openly, making several stops at galleries and theatres and restaurants. By now, no celebrity should be unfamiliar with how social media works. If someone asks for a picture, chances are it’s going to end up on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. PEOPLE reports that they were “making out” at the airport in Havana on Saturday. They were then seen together at the airport in Costa Rica: 

I think we can call it now, right? They’re dating. It’s been less than six months, likely starting in October/November when they started shooting Deep Water, but it’s not like they’re going out of their way to keep it quiet either. So it means they don’t give a sh-t because it’s not serious or they don’t give a sh-t because it is serious? Or they don’t give a sh-t because all they give a sh-t about is each other. 

In other Ben news, his new film, The Way Back, opened to good reviews (for his performance) this weekend but opened under $10 million. That’s not great, but it’s not a total disaster for a drama and besides, there’s all kinds of anxiety right now about the impact that coronavirus might have on the film industry (Sarah’s up next with that) so I don’t know that Ben will be wearing it, not that he seems terribly worried about this right now. Right now, he’s spending time being not single anymore.