George Clooney has been in the Boston area the last several weeks directing The Tender Bar. Ben Affleck has been flying in to shoot mostly on weekdays and then seen back in LA on the weekends to be with his kids. Seems like Ben is now wrapped as the two were seen hugging each other warmly on set the other day and according to photographers, Ben had shot his last scene. 


This looked like it was a fun set, good energy. A reader called Anna sent me this tweet of Ben waving to fans, like “hey, how you doin’” styles, who’ve been coming by to get a glimpse of Hollywood’s two biggest stars. 

He looks good. Hopefully he feels good, now that it’s been almost four months since he and Ana de Armas broke up and he’s just spent some of that time working on what’s expected to be a high profile project that could contend next award season. 


As you can see, in some of these shots, Ben has his arm around a woman with dark hair. The paps say at one point he “kissed her head sweetly”. It’s hard to make out what she looks like but before we go into any speculation, Matt Damon’s oldest daughter, Alexia, is a crew member on this film. That would definitely explain the affection, if indeed Ben is embracing his best friend’s daughter – it looks to me like a nice uncle’s gesture. 

And besides, didn’t you hear? JLo is single now. JLo and Ben Affleck are single at the same time. For all the non-stop rumour-hoping that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston might get back together, do we have the same energy for the OG Bennifer? Think of how much joy they gave us!