See?! Bennifer Weekend Updates! The trend continues!  


This weekend, they Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walked a carpet – it was the premiere of The Tender Bar with JLo showing up to support Ben in one of the strongest performances of his career. And this relates to Sarah’s post on Friday about Adrian Lyne’s Deep Water, an erotic thriller starring Ben and Ana de Armas aka Benana. It’s been pulled from the schedule, no makeup release date announced which, as Sarah noted, is a shame because we already don’t get many erotic thriller options at the movies to begin with.  

I don’t think this is as derivative of a reason as “JLo is jealous”. They’re actors. They’ve been through this game, and why would JLo want to encourage any assumptions that she’s threatened by Ana de Armas?  


To me this is about award season campaigning. Ben was just nominated this morning for a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe. And while the Globes are definitely against the ropes and an awards institution, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a shot at other nominations. He was left off the ballot for Critics Choice – which Sarah will get to in a minute – but it’s still a pretty wide open race for Oscar, the SAGs are announcing their nominations on Thursday, and Ben does have an outside shot at it. Not a great one, but the possibility is there. The possibility is much less certain though if the Academy is considering his contention while watching him make out with Ana. That’s my theory.  

To go back to Bennifer though, in addition to attending The Tender Bar premiere yesterday, they were also seen shopping this weekend with her daughter, Emme. Emme, who is apparently a bookworm, was looking for a new pair of glasses. I wonder what she’s reading right now. I wonder if she and Ben are reading together. I need a recommendation. I’m currently making my way through a loooong book, and it’s excellent, but it’s not a page-ripper. And we’re coming up on the time of year when you just want to tear through several books at a time on the couch.