Ben Affleck’s birthday was last Sunday and there were some reports that he and Jennifer Lopez might go on another trip to celebrate. Instead, they spent the weekend and this entire week in LA and he was seen on several occasions with his children. Of course he and JLo spent time together too and were seen a few days ago kissing outside of his home


Yesterday, according to the paparazzi, Bennifer drove from his place to school, where they dropped off both his daughter, Seraphina, and her daughter Emme. The two are around the same age and there have been already a few occasions where their children have hung out. Yet another sign that they’re totally integrating their lives. And if this is happening and there are co-parenting agreements in place, then it suggests that these moves have also been co-signed by the other parent, in Ben’s case Jennifer Garner. 

Interestingly, it was reported back in May, just a few weeks after the premiere of Bennifer 2021, that JG was back together with John Miller. They started dating in 2018 but broke up around August 2020. After several months apart, it seems like they’re trying to make it work again and they were photographed in New York together this week. Which means Ben was with the kids, and it was her turn to have a romantic trip of her own. 

If it’s as amicable and cooperative and organised as it looks from the outside, it’s an encouraging indication that everyone here has open and honest communication and they are invested in setting up a system that works well with all members of both families – and that can only mean good things for all the relationships involved. Is it possible that with Bennifer 2021, there’s actually not that much drama?