As we all know by now, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding reception weekend happened in Savannah and I’m hoping to get to the actual couple later because it was previously reported that Vogue was covering the event and I keep checking and their Instagram account to see if it’ll be posted today. Since the paparazzi were all over and long lens shots of JLo’s Ralph Lauren dress are already all over the place, I wonder if they’ll take their time releasing the exclusive high-quality images, like for the cover of the October issue of the magazine, or if they’ll rush them out immediately. 


In the meantime, let’s talk about the guest list. Ben’s longtime agent Patrick Whitesell was there. Jimmy Kimmel too. And Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. 

This, of course, is a reunion. And Kevin, of course, had a front row seat to the early Bennifer show:


Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso were there with there kids, as was Matt’s brother, Kyle. But speaking of brothers, Casey Affleck did not attend and people have been side-eyeing his absence. First of all, for those who are all like, “oh, since his brother wasn’t there that’s a sign that this marriage is tainted”… um, are we seriously holding up Casey Affleck has a standard for good judgment? It’s not like he hasn’t had his own share of mess. 

According to PEOPLE "unfortunately because of family, parental obligations at home", Casey couldn’t make it. 

He did, however, post a message on Instagram: 


Not sure that’s convincing anyone, and I get it, because it IS weird. But I’m not sure the weirdness has to do with JLo, even though we are socially programmed to blame the woman for everything. Just last month though, JLo, Casey, and Caylee Cowan all hung out together in Capri without Ben when she was there performing at the UNICEF gala. 


So if there’s anything here, it’s between the brothers. And if that’s the case, this is the kind of history that goes back decades, through multiple marriages and divorces. The stars are not immune to sibling sh-t. See Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland. Actors can be insecure and sensitive. You layer fame, success, and celebrity on top of that and… well… 

As for the media outlets making it a deal that Bennifer’s respective exes weren’t at the wedding…

Are we normalising having ex-spouses at weddings now, LOL? Isn’t it the exception if an ex shows up rather than the other way around? 

Attached: Matt Damon and his family leaving Savannah after the wedding.