After a glorious week on the Mediterranean (for them and for gossip), Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s holiday has come to an end. JLo actually stayed a few extra days after Ben left. On Friday she dropped him off in Naples, and you can see a shot of them kissing goodbye here: 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck say goodbye on a dock in the port of Naples, July 31, 2021

Over the weekend she was seen in Portofino with her entourage and wearing her “BEN” necklace. 

On Sunday she left on a private jet, presumably back to LA. As for Ben? 


It’s been reported that he left for LA ahead of her to be with his kids but the streets are saying something different. According to social media, Ben stayed in Europe and was seen in Paris. You’ll recall, in early July, Jennifer Garner was photographed in Paris with their daughter Violet. And that’s also apparently who Ben was with when he was spotted by locals there. If Jennifer Garner dropped Violet off in Europe then perhaps it’s Ben who’s picking her up to bring her home, and tying all of that into his trip with JLo. 

The Bennifer Summer schedule, making it work with all the kids. As we’ve seen this time around, now that they’re more experienced, now that they’ve been through some sh-t, from what’s been reported and what we can see, Bennifer seem to be handling their relationship with some perspective. There’s passion here, no doubt, but there could also be a lot more pragmatism which of course is certainly not as sensational as the passion, but a critical ingredient if this is actually going to be more than just a season.