I posted on Friday about Ben Affleck’s date with Shauna Sexton, Playboy’s 2018 Miss May. They went to Nobu in Malibu. As noted in that article, Lindsay Shookus has deleted her Instagram. Ben and Shauna were seen together again this weekend. At the Jack in the Box drive-thru. After that they apparently went back to his place. And they had food delivered in later that night. So if last week’s Nobu outing was indeed a first date, or an early date, we’ve now progressed to sleepovers. Ben and Lindsay are super over, message received. 

Hilariously though, according to E! News, a source says that Ben “is not happy that there were photos” of him and Shauna out the other night. 


Because he took her to Nobu. In Malibu. Where paps regularly hang out. Every f-cking night there are new celebrity pictures from Nobu. All the time. And he’s not happy about the photos? I mean, it’s not like he’s new at this. It’s not like Ben Affleck doesn’t understand the game, it’s not like Ben Affleck wouldn’t be familiar with how this works. 

Does Ben seem unhappy to you in these drive-thru shots? Or is that the face of a dude who just turned 46 and his new girlfriend is 22?