Ben Affleck was in New York this weekend to spend time with Lindsay Shookus. Apparently he was at SNL studios on Saturday night for the show but did not attend the after-party. SNL was criticised this weekend for not addressing the Harvey Weinstein situation. While Ben, who has worked closely with Harvey over the years, was basically backstage. Sharon Waxman, who founded The Wrap, wrote this weekend of trying to uncover the Harvey story many years ago for The New York Times. She claims that the NYT killed her story under pressure from Harvey, who also, supposedly, asked Matt Damon and Russell Crowe to call her as character witnesses in his support.

Many outlets have reached out to both Matt and Ben, and many other men in the industry who’ve worked with Harvey, with no response. At post time, we’ve not heard from Matt Damon. But, as Sarah wrote earlier, the new and final Justice League trailer just dropped. And Justice League opens in a month. Ben will be in front of the press soon to promote the movie. So now that all anyone can talk about is Harvey Weinstein, how will this affect Ben’s press schedule? Will they limit access to him so he doesn’t have to face the questions? If he does participate in interviews, will reporters be told that Harvey questions are off-limits? Or will he offer up a distraction?

Like his relationship.

He’s not yet talked about Lindsay publicly.

A possible gossip headline buffet.

Unless, of course, this mess with Harvey actually stimulates real change in Hollywood. How optimistic are you about that? Ben tweeted this morning:

He’s referring to Ronan Farrow’s article for The New Yorker that was just published today and which I’ll post about later. This is …clumsy. It sounds like it took the ADDITIONAL grossness revealed in The New Yorker, on top of what was already out there and already super gross, for him to finally feel sick about it. Perhaps that’s not how he meant it. But it’s definitely not as righteous as he thinks it is.