Ben Affleck stepped out on Saturday and was seen leaving Jennifer Garner’s house, presumably after spending time with their children. According to the paps who were there, Ben was asked about President-Elect Joe Biden winning the election. His response: a thumbs-up and an emphatic “very good”. I don’t think this is a surprise. And he and Jennifer Garner, while they’re no longer married, seem to have been politically aligned for this election. She was one of the celebrities who openly revealed on social media who she voted for: 


As you can see, Ben’s wearing what may be his favourite t-shirt. And he apparently has several of them. We’ve seen him in a darker one with a white lightning bolt and here he is in the grey version with a black lightning bolt. Nerd internet tells me this is about The Flash which of course makes sense since he was Batman. But my mind immediately goes to Harry Potter because Ben is a Harry Potter fan. And at least one of his children is a Harry Potter fan. He’s said before that oldest daughter Violet is a “super Harry Potter nut” and she wanted him to be part of the movies. Well, um, I hear there’s a vacancy in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. You think Ben would make a good Grindelwald? More on that situation later. 

In other Ben news, there’s a ridiculous story originating from an Australian tabloid (much less accurate than even the British tabloids) that Ben’s thinking about buying property in Australia because Matt Damon spends so much time there and may have already acquired a place. Total bullsh-t. Not the kind of story he has to spend energy denying but his kids are based in LA, he and Jennifer have worked out a co-parenting situation that is obviously working, and it’s not like we’re seeing him in Australia all the time the way we see the Damons. How do you go from being in a country almost never to oh my BFF is there let me just spend multiple millions?! Also he’s still trying to sell his place in Savannah.

As for Ben and Ana de Armas, who’ve really pulled back on the sightings, we haven’t seen much of them lately but as Nate Jones writes in Vulture, now that we’re just a few weeks away from the end of his interminable mostly f-cked up year, she became one of the biggest stars of 2020.