Here are some new pictures of Ben Affleck yesterday out with his son (not pictured). A couple of weeks ago, when I posted about Ben and Matt Damon’s new Omaze campaign video, I noted that… he looks really good. Like super fresh in the face – and not the fresh facedness that are a result of professional tweaks but the fresh facedness that comes from good sleep and healthy living, and maybe some facials and micro, sure. There’s no LA face happening here though, and you can see that even though he’s masked. He just looks likes like he’s been taking care of himself …right? 


I mean looking at these shots, they could have been taken ten years ago or more. If you’d told me that they were from 2005, the only doubt I’d have would be the mask. It’s the best he’s looked in a long time. We’ve been witnessing a 2020 Ben Affleck glow-up. A 2020 loved up glow-up! Sorry. I couldn’t stop myself. But you know what I’ve been getting at. 

Ben’s big story this year has been his romance with Ana de Armas. Not that I’m saying this is what he intended but most if not all the conversation around Ben in 2020 has been his relationship. He and Ana quarantined together. They join each other on work trips. She reportedly moved in. She’s met the children and spends time with them. She’s met the friends and spends time with t hem. They’re busier now that it’s not a full lockdown in LA and certain productions have resumed so that’s perhaps why there are no daily sightings anymore but presumably things are smooth, his family life is solid, his relationship is solid, he’s is happy and productive which has to account for at least some of this glow?