Obviously it’s impossible to say who Ben Affleck was talking to on the phone in these photos, but according to the paps, it was a “happy” phone call, and I’ve seen video from the moment and he does look like he’s in good spirits, speaking and moving around animatedly as he reacts to whatever the person on the other line is saying. So… was it Jennifer Lopez? 


Ben is back in LA and was seen taking his kids to their lessons yesterday, having returned home for the long weekend after spending a few days in Miami with JLo. JLo, meanwhile, was photographed heading to the gym in a matching light purple gym set, hair tied back in an excellent pony, with signature big hoop earrings, and fit as f-ck. I don’t know how people work out with earrings on like that – they would pull on my earlobes and I’d be worried I’d tear them out. That said, I’m clumsy where JLo is coordinated. And she’s older than I am and could kick my ass so who am I to question how she accessorises for her workouts. Look at her!

And she must be feeling it, non? 

As I keep saying, JLo is not bothered by any of the gossip recently. She came out of a broken engagement, didn’t miss a beat, didn’t look back, and gave us no time to talk about it because Bennifer. Bennifer 2021 has been such a takeover that now she has another ex-boyfriend reminiscing about his time with her. And it’s not like she had anything to do with that – Diddy just decided to enter the chat himself. All of this orbiting around HER. How could she not be feeling herself?