Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went to Italy following their wedding reception in Georgia last week. They were seen in Lake Como, reportedly staying at George and Amal Clooney’s estate, and also shopping in Milan giving honeymooner energy the whole time. 


Some perspective, though, if you’re interested, on how the paps get their shots. It’s one thing when they’re walking around town in Milan but it can sometimes be another when they’re just having coffee and lunch on a terrace. Here’s an example sent to me by a reader called “A”. First, check out these photos and this video. Like I said, pure honeymooner energy. Where do you think the paps are? You don’t know until you zoom out. 


Anyway, Bennifer is back now, arriving in LA yesterday on a private jet. But there was some drama over the weekend because of that video that TMZ posted of her serenading him at their wedding. Hard cringe. A lot of people assume that Bennifer leaked that video to TMZ themselves. JLo, however, clarified on Instagram: 

I believe her. And I believe her BECAUSE of On The JLo. That’s the spot for her, and that newsletter/website is what she’s been trying to build. Why would she scoop herself at TMZ when she could be getting more subscriptions On The JLo (to use to market us at a later date, lol). This woman is an entrepreneur – she’s always going to bet on and benefit from herself. It doesn’t serve her at all to get that video on TMZ…


So who sold her out? 

As she says, everyone signed an NDA. They asked their guests not to share – and yet one of them, clearly, breached trust and, allegedly, made money off it. If you’ve seen the video, the person filming it was pretty close the action. If I were CSI-ing the situation, my suspect would be on the guest list and not the staff list. Because a staff person getting in that tight would be such a heatscore. 

You’ll note though that JLo already had an eyeline for where that person was standing … might already know who they are. She’ll never make this public but can you imagine how those conversations went down, if she’s confronted the person? Are they now excommunicated from the inner circle?