It has been a long, exhausting week, so let’s take a mini-break with these photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez once again eating in the car. I love a couple that can’t wait till they get home to have a slice, my favorite thing about Bennifer is that they eat in their fancy cars. Los Angeles pizza is garbage but bless them for diving right in (I just didn’t eat pizza for years while I lived there). I have a lot of questions about their car-eating habits, such as, does this translate into eating in the bed? Because that’s a step too far. Eating in the car is normal people stuff but eating in bed is just gross. The crumbs go everywhere.


Also, THIS time, Affleck is juggling his iced coffees without incident. Is this some kind of metaphor? If Affleck dumping his Dunkin was the perfect single-image summation of 2020, is Affleck successfully supporting his coffee order shared with JLo a sign that their relationship has rebalanced the Force? BenAna burned bright and it was the gossip flame we needed in the darkness of 2020, but now, is Ben Affleck holding his coffees steady a sign that nature is healing?