Time for our weekly check-in with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. And you know what? Can we keep up the gratitude about this, that they are providing this service, giving us our weekend Bennifer gossip fix so we can breathe with relief for another week that one of the best celebrity couples of all time is still serving up this content?


Bennifer took their kids to the movies the other day. Not pictured are her daughter Emme with two of his children, Serafina and Sam. The photo agency hasn’t said what they saw so I’m guessing… Encanto? It’s age appropriate, a perfect matinee family feature. 

If you’re eying the Valentino sweater JLo has on… me too. It’s so good and out of my price range but if you’re in the market, it’s on sale right now, but still well over a thousand. If you want it in a sweatshirt it’s a tiny bit cheaper with a different colour pattern. Her boots, however, are probably her most interesting wardrobe item, at least for gossip. Because when we see JLo in Timberlands, most of us of a certain generation think back to a certain era. And then, of course, there are the heeled Timberlands she wore in That Video. A video that has taken on a whole new dimension all these years later in 2021.