As of the timing of this writing, we’ve yet to see Bennifer in 2023, but that’s only a matter of time. Their holiday seemed relatively quiet, although she did step out for work on December 29, seen arriving at a photo shoot. The work for Jennifer Lopez never stops. And she’ll be back at work pretty soon because Shotgun Wedding is premiering at the end of the month, which means there'll be a premiere and other promotional events. 


JLo and Josh Duhamel were already doing press for the movie back in December. This is from one of their junket days. 

Shotgun Wedding has already opened in a few countries overseas, which is likely why some early promotion was required. If I know JLo though, she’ll be out here hustling in North America for the western markets over the next couple of weeks. It’ll be interesting to see if some of that hustle involves any of the award shows, as a presenter. The Golden Globes are happening next week.


There’s also This Is Me…Now, the new album expected some time this year. She made the announcement on the 20th anniversary of This Is Me…Then, but never confirmed a release date. And there are two films in post-production, at least one of those should drop later this year. So it’s looking like 2023 will be busy for JLo, naturally – when has JLo ever really had a slow year? 

In her words though, last year was one of her best, no surprise there. She and Ben Affleck finally married, and in the a year-in-review reel she posted to social media the other day, she did what she does best, including some surprise never-before-seen photos from their private moments, including their weddings, plural because it’s Vegas and Georgia. 

Jennifer Lopez in her wedding dress

This one below is my favourite though, and do you know why? It’s not just because I love that hood. 

Not the best shot of Ben but it’s a really great shot of her… and that’s why it’s such a highlight. I too am a true narcissist, and sometimes, when you get a picture of yourself that’s just too good, your partner’s vanity must be sacrificed to satisfy the thirst of showing it off. 


As for Ben and his work schedule, the Nike movie he directed starring Matt Damon about how Nike signed Michael Jordan should be coming out this year too and given the talent involved and the subject matter, I’m thinking it’s one of the most anticipated titles of 2023. They’ve actually titled it Air Jordan which means, I’m assuming, Nike’s not going to have issues with it and could possibly be supportive – which works well both for audience interest and engagement. Ben already has an extensive personal sneaker library so he may even be expanding his own reach with this project and probably by now we’re all familiar with the power of sneaker culture. If he can hype that demo, the film might get bonus amplification, something the studio for sure will be considering in their marketing plans…. which…

The ideal timing might be during the NBA playoffs, right? Not necessarily the film release date but I’m assuming the trailers and ads would be ideally suited to run during those few weeks. This movie has the potential to be a really great Show Your Work case study.