Less than a week after getting married in Las Vegas, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have turned up in Paris. Some outlets are calling it a honeymoon…but also, JLo’s birthday is on Sunday, she’ll be 53, and three of their children are with them. Ben’s daughters Violet and Seraphina are there and Emme has made the trip, too. Is it actually a honeymoon, then? 


Or maybe it’s a pickup or drop-off? Last year, for her birthday, Bennifer went Instagram official, remember? That was when she posted a shot of them kissing on a yacht while on birthday holiday in Saint Tropez. From there they went on to Portofino.

After that though, Ben left for Paris…to meet up with Violet. A few weeks prior, Jennifer Garner had been seen in Paris with Violet, and it was Ben who later on went to Paris to seemingly to pick her up. It may be that Violet’s been doing some kind of summer internship in France. 

The point is, I’m not sure this is an official honeymoon if their kids are with them. Or we might just be looking at it all wrong – it’s not a honeymoon, it’s a familymoon, can we call this a “familymoon”? Familymoons are growing in popularity but Bennifer can take up the celebrity trend for it. 

Violet being there is interesting because there’s been some speculation over the last few days since the wedding about her absence, considering that Seraphina was there. Some were suggesting that Violet did not attend because she’s “loyal” to her mother – well of course she’s loyal to her mother, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s drama here. She’s now on a trip with her dad, his wife, her sibling, and her stepsibling. Didn’t go to the wedding but joined for the “honeymoon”? How can there be drama?