We already knew last week that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were both in LA for American Thanksgiving. It was just a matter of whether or not they’d give us a Bennifer Thanksgiving. And they did. 


Here are two sets of Bennifer out in LA, heading into a studio and also holding onto each other after dinner at Spago on Saturday night. There’s a throwback. Spago has always been around I don’t know that it’s been the hottest celebrity destination over the last few years. That said, it’s a classic, so I guess it’s fitting to see Bennifer there since their relationship is kind of classic celebrity. 

I’m talking about classic celebrity establishments, I’ll never forget back in 2003, right after they cancelled their wedding, they showed up for dinner at The Ivy to show that they were still together, but just not getting married yet. Remember those shots? 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck leaving The Ivy in LA, September 10, 2003

They put on a good face, but the face was my big takeway – JLo was super blushed that night, almost as if she was making sure there was colour on her cheeks to cover up the stress. 

It’s a whole different vibe now. I mean, obviously, the JLo glow is present and accounted for, always, but they seem a lot more unbothered by the noise around them. The intense attention on their relationship does not seem to be an issue. And gossip is grateful! I’m still grateful!