Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez returned to LA together last Friday on a private jet from Vancouver where she’s been working on a movie . On Monday he was seen driving away from her place and yesterday he and his mother were out with his kids. JLo, meanwhile, went right back to Vancouver after the American Music Awards and last night was seen arriving again back in LA with her kids. She posted on Instagram that she’s wrapped on production in Smithers, British Columbia and is excited for American Thanksgiving: 


Speaking of British Columbia – it’s been a devastating couple of weeks in the province and so many people are in crisis because of the extreme weather events and the flooding and the mudslides. Satellite images have just been released that show the extent of the damage. If you are able to, please make a gift through the Canadian Red Cross to help families and farmers and other businesses who are in desperate need of assistance. 

Now back to Bennifer…

This is their first major holiday since reuniting in the spring. Presumably they’ll be together for at least part of Thanksgiving. The gossip read on JLo’s “On My Way” in that post is, well, song and movie promotion, of course, but also… on her way to Ben. It’s the glow on her face. The glow gives it away.