I’ve already posted about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez today but these photos, just acquired by Page Six, can’t wait a day. If you haven’t seen them yet, and the video is actually more interesting than the photos, check here.


This happened yesterday, in LA, for JLo’s sister Lynda Lopez’s birthday. We already know that the Bennifer reunion isn’t just about Ben and JLo but also an extended circle. Ben and her ma, Guadalupe, hung out on their own in Vegas last week. Now he’s invited to family gatherings. As you can see at one point in the video, one of the children, I think it might be Max but I’m not totally sure, comes up to them, like right when they’re cuddling, to show them something on his phone. Both Ben and JLo look amused and super engaged with what Max is preoccupied with. And then a short while after, Emme hugs JLo from behind to join the conversation. Everyone is happy and relaxed and comfortable, especially JLo. Because as she told us long ago, “I’m Gonna Be Alright”. No one has to worry about JLo. She’s always ok. She keeps showing us that she always ends up ok, better than ok. Whatever she has to take care of, she will take care of it. So now? She’s back in love, where she loves to be, back in one of the great celebrity love affairs of the modern era. And loving the sh-t out of it. 

Bennifer Summer 2021 continues to give and give.