I know you’re reading that all like… what, like, again? I thought we did this already? I mean, in the big picture, yes, we did. They did. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are together in 2021 and this has been our gossip happy place for weeks now. But they spent last week apart, she was in Miami shooting a video and he, for a couple of days anyway, was in Vegas with her mother, Guadalupe. Both, however, were back in LA for the weekend and the headlines about them seeing each other after returning from their respective destinations made me laugh, which is why I titled this post that way. 


PEOPLE called it an “exclusive” - that Ben and JLo “reunited” in Los Angeles, like they’d just spent three months away from each other. It was six days, or something. But you know what? I laugh with affection – because, of course, it’s good to know they’re back on…and strong. And love must be nurtured, treated like a fragile thing, and constantly cared for.

So we know that Lupe certainly approves of Bennifer 2021. And here are some shots of Ben on his bike leaving JLo’s home this weekend. There are also photos of her wearing a plaid shirt that some are speculating belongs to him. Needless to say, they saw each other shortly after returning from their trips, making as much time as they can around their other commitments. But also, perhaps, keeping some independence. He has his place, she has hers. They spend the night here and there and still, there’s somewhere to go back to just to alleviate the pressure, if they feel any pressure. I can’t imagine she does. She is JLo after all – she coasts. Ben, in the past, has had a harder time with things…although there was a spotlight on his love life all last year and he managed that OK, even on Instagram. Obviously Bennifer is a whole other level of intrigue but at this stage in life, it might work better for them to maintain separate residences (a lot of people I know do this). For the girl who “loves love”, this might actually be a new love experience.