We have not had much Bennifer content the last few months. It’s not an issue, they’re fine, they’ve just been keeping it on the low, but still, we need to be fed. And we haven’t been getting much to nibble on in a while. So I’m grateful for the morsel they served up last night.  


Here they are leaving the Peppermint Club after hanging out with some friends. I love this coat on her. It’s such a JLo coat – luxurious and dramatic and not at all inconspicuous. But this is our girl. In the evening she comes DRESSED. Or jeaned. She’s also working the sh-t out of this wide-leg denim with the Gucci platforms.  

In other JLo news, still no confirmed release date on This Is Me … Now. She had a listening event for it a few weeks ago but since then there’s been no news about when, exactly, it’ll be coming out. However, This Is Me…Then dropped on November 25, 2002, which is why last year, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, she made the announcement about the new album. So maybe she’s waiting until November 25th this year for This Is Me… Now?  


I mean she’s branding all kinds of sh-t around it. Including lingerie. JLo’s new Intimissimi collection is called the “This Is Me … Now” collection and the album is definitely merging with the campaign.  


And this is what she posted this morning.  

Seriously how is this bitch so stupidly hot all the f-cking time?