Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were seen out with their kids this weekend in LA including Emme. I mention this because JLo’s ex and Emme’s dad, Marc Anthony, 54, married Nadia Ferreira, 23, this weekend in Miami. These shots of Emme with their mom and stepdad were taken on the same day so it seems unlikely that Emme attended the wedding. 


As mentioned before, and this is something that’s not often talked about, JLo has had primary physical custody of the children since she and Marc divorced which reportedly amounted to the kids being with her at least about 75% of the time and there are rumours that it's actually more. So for all the sh-t that gets thrown at her, what people don’t realise that for the decade-plus that they’ve been apart, JLo has assumed an overwhelming amount of responsibility for their kids and that started at a low point in her career. This is one of the reasons why she signed on for American Idol, and that decision turned things around. But up to that point, she was dealing with a broken marriage and a professional stall. 

Fast forward to now and she’s married again, she and Ben have blended their families, and by the looks of it, everyone is managing well, everyone has moved on. That includes Jennifer Garner. 

Garner has been in a relationship with businessman John Miller now for five years. They too were photographed together this weekend holding hands. The pictures were put up on the photo agency sales site yesterday, I don’t have the budget to buy one so I can’t show you but they’re available on fan sites if you’re interested. What’s curious to me, though, is why they’re not being published at entertainment outlets with bigger budgets, like the Daily Mail and Page Six. I checked both outlets at 1130am ET and neither one was running them. Same goes for PEOPLE and Us Weekly. Does everyone have tight budgets right now? Or is it a matter of narrative? 


Maybe it’s because John isn’t famous and it’s less of a headline. But also, maybe it’s less of a headline because there’s no story here about how all the exes are getting along or not getting along. And that’s the story that’s been suggested, or hoped for, in some circles. I say this because I see it in my inbox. There are people who want to believe that Jennifer Garner hates JLo. That’s definitely the more salacious angle but I never bought that – not because I want to be all Pollyanna about the situation but because of my personal lens with this specific situation, knowing someone who may have had a similar experience with Jennifer Garner during her marriage to Ben Affleck and when you’ve lived through what she might have lived through, it’s almost a relief to see someone enter, or re-enter, a person’s life to care for and comfort them. So that she can get on her with own life. Which, as we can see, she’s been doing with John Miller.