Ben and Ana: Photo Credits and Sally Rooney

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Can we just go with “Benana”? Can we put it to a vote? 

I apologise. It’s just too easy, low hanging fruit, and I can’t resist it. I’ve been SD-ing for days now, I haven’t seen anyone other than my husband and dogs, I’ve lost all shame. So Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are “Benana” to me. Also they’ve been coming through with the celebrity content we need. 

Earlier this week, Ana shared photos from their trip to Costa Rica on Instagram. Since we saw the pap shots of their beach walk, it was obvious that Ben had taken them. Now he’s making it obvious that he took them, leaving a comment on her post, with an emoji: 


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What have I been telling you? He is Gigli over her. And by Gigli I mean, like, crushing hard AF the way he crushed hard and fell fast for Jennifer Lopez. Leaving a comment like this out in the open on IG is basically like writing “I (heart) Ana” in a bathroom stall. 

It’s not just social media either. It’s, like, public media. Benana stepped out together in LA to run errands and go shopping and the paps were all over them and, well, if Photo Assumption is any indication, they didn’t seem to mind. Just like it was back in the early glory gossip days of Bennifer when Ben and JLo couldn’t help but show us how infatuated they were with each other. How infatuated he was with her. Look at him in these new photos. He’s practically strutting. He’s delighted – with Ana for sure but probably with himself. There’s some dick-swinging happening here, non? 

At one point they hit up a book store. You’ll note Ben has one in his hand as they walked out and it’s one of the best books of 2018/19 (it came out later in North American than it did in the UK) – Sally Rooney’s Normal People. Have you read it? I posted and tweeted about it last April: 

Another recommendation during social distancing to add to your reading list. And if you haven’t already, make time for Sally’s other book Conversations With Friends. Normal People has been adapted into a 12 episode television series that should be premiering soon. Just this week Vogue profiled the lead actors playing Marianne and Connell. On appearance, it’s pretty much exactly how I pictured them, I’m already obsessed:


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So that’s what Ben and Ana will be watching while they’re social distancing together, right? 

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