What’s most fascinating, at least to me, about this situation, is how certain media outlets are covering the Ben Affleck-Lindsay Shookus-Jennifer Garner story. As you know, PEOPLE’s been all over the cheating angle, going into their files from a few years ago to report that Ben and Lindsay were checking each other as early as 2013 after the after-party for The Heat in New York and reporting that it was a full-blown affair, but also careful to cite sources close to Ben who insist that their relationship only became a relationship just recently.

E! News meanwhile is firmly on the “no cheating” side, maintaining that Ben and Lindsay only started after they separated from their respective spouses. Would that have anything to do with the fact that Justice League comes out in 4 months and that E! News will need access to Ben on that press tour?

The word I’ve been using to describe Ben the last few days is “messy”. Even when he thinks he’s getting it right, it gets messy. Imagine how this should have rolled out from his perspective. He’s been clean a few months. He’s ready to go public with his new girlfriend. And she’s not a 20 year old. She’s 37, a mother, divorced, with a good job. In his mind, I wonder if he was like… what could they possibly pop off on me for this time? Welllll….

He may have considered the possible media angle but I’m not sure he considered the ex-wife angle. As I mentioned the other day, this isn’t reading like Jennifer Garner was given the heads up that he was about to introduce Lindsay to the world. And if that’s the case, now we’re seeing the results of that.

But it’s not like Ben doesn’t have resources himself. So he’s putting them to use. PEOPLE has a new story up on their site this morning that’s all about Lindsay Shookus. According to their sources:

“She isn’t someone who would have been reckless. She’s really down to earth and centered. [The relationship] has got to be something that she felt was worth risking a lot for.”


Another insider has said Shookus’ marriage “didn’t end over infidelity,” and this source echoes that: “The impression I always got was that she and her husband had been unhappy for a while” by the time they split in 2014. “It was clear she was heartbroken about it and that she felt tremendous regret that things couldn’t be worked out.”

Shookus has been a rising star at SNL, starting as an assistant and working her way to the top, managing the celebrity hosts and scouting talent. (Affleck is a five-time host of SNL and last appeared on the show in May 2013.) Show creator Lorne Michaels “loves her,” says another source.

Given her high-powered position, she also isn’t one to be starstruck.

“She’s just not the kind of girl who is likely to have her head turned by fame,” says the first source of Shookus. “She’s come into contact with people more famous than Ben.”
Adds the source, “She isn’t someone who does things without thinking them through.”

So to recap: Lindsay Shookus is not a famewhore because she’s not easily impressed by celebrities, and she’s also not a Sienna Miller type, she isn’t one to make rash, impetuous decisions because she’s down to earth and centred.

Oh, is that the game you want to play? The Down To Earth and Centred Game? Against Jennifer f-cking Garner?!? Good luck.

You know what else is hilarious?

These quotes from these sources are meant to present Lindsay as a grounded person with good judgment – and in this case, that good judgment is being applied to… BEN AFFLECK.

Here’s a guy who may or may not have been allegedly cheating on his wife with a producer on Saturday Night Live…AND… who may or may not have been cheating on his wife AND his mistress with the nanny, Chrissy O.

This is very good judgment, I guess?

Bonus: if you’ve been reading this site a while, you might remember a blind riddle from 2014. It was about an actor at an Oscar party without his wife who was all over a “tall, attractive model type”. Coincidence or conspiracy?