Ben Affleck was in LA last week for his birthday. This weekend he was in New York, seen with Lindsay Shookus out for dinner and also shopping at Barney’s, papped several times around town and heading in and out of their hotel. The last time we saw Ben with Lindsay it was a couple of weeks ago in LA. So it would appear that they could be on a two week schedule, not uncommon with celebrities. You hear it all the time. “We don’t go more than two weeks without seeing each other.” Or maybe they do see each other more often than that, it’s just that the photographers just happen to take pictures of them every two weeks or so. As we’ve seen, since word first broke that they’re together, it’s not like they’ve been inaccessible.

Is this how we’re supposed to get used to it then? The normalisation of Ben and Lindsay two weeks at a time?

Last week re: Jesse Williams, I wrote about when, when a marriage breaks down, it’s time to introduce the children to the new person in your life. Jesse’s ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, is asking the court to impose a 6 month rule on Jesse’s “revolving door” of romantic partners. As far as we know, there’s only one person in Jesse’s door – Minka Kelly. Aryn’s basically saying she doesn’t want Minka near her kids. And she’s kinda telling Minka that she’s only temporary. If Ben and Jennifer Garner have a similar arrangement, it’s not been made public. But if he’s this determined to show us that Lindsay is his bonafide, will we eventually see some pap shots of him with Lindsay and one or more of his kids? Sure. But the boss of that decision will 100% be Jennifer Garner. And she probably gets her say without having to take it to the open court.