On Saturday night, Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly went to Largo at the Coronet, a live entertainment and comedy club. Yesterday TMZ reported that his estranged wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, is filing for sole custody of their children, because she’s worried about Jesse’s “revolving door” of randoms, and also Jesse allegedly has a temper and is a road-rager. Their divorce was already ugly. The ugly is now next-level.

Kathleen has previously written about why Jesse and Aryn’s breakup and his new relationship with Minka Kelly is not just an average Hollywood celebrity divorce scandal. If you are with Aryn, you’re looking at Jesse like traded in his black wife for a white girl as he becomes more famous and successful. If you’re with Jesse you’re like, well, what broke down in their marriage did not involve a third person and Aryn’s bitter and vengeful and she’s using the kids to get back at him. My question to you is: can it be both? That Jesse’s become a trope and that Aryn’s turning their kids into pawns? After all, the timing of Jesse + Minka is super suspect. And, after all, what’s between Jesse and Aryn is between Jesse and Aryn, the children should not be involved. But f-ck, it would be hard, non? When you are the one who cheats, or if you are the one who leaves and finds someone else right away, at the very least you get to experience the thrill of desire, the satisfaction of being wanted. If you are cheated on and/or discarded, you’re not only living with the hurt of being left and possibly betrayed, not to mention the loneliness, you’re also expected to live up to a standard of behaviour. As Sandra Bullock once said, “whoever established the high road and how high it was gonna be should be fired.”

Jesse and Minka were papped together back in July at the movies. A month later they’re papped again after seeing a show. I wonder if we might see them more often, if that might be part of an effort to normalise the fact that they’re dating. Aryn is asking the court to block Jesse from introducing their kids to any woman in his life until they’ve been dating for 6 months. How serious then are Jesse and Minka?