Ben Affleck was photographed yesterday while shooting a new commercial for Dunkin’ with Charli D’Amelio. 


The backstory here is that a few months ago, Charli did a Vanity Fair lie detector and she didn’t know who Ben was. 


The other backstory, however, and a much funnier one is that Ben is recreating his meme. You remember it, I know you do. Because back then we were all stuck at home. It was 2020. It was lockdown. And Ben was getting Dunkin’ delivered to the door and the paps were always shooting him in various stages of sloppy and … well… Ben and Dunkin’ became a meme. 

Ben Affleck Dunkin' memes
Ben Affleck Dunkin' memes
Ben Affleck Dunkin' memes

He has since gone on to partner with Dunkin’ and produced and starred in his first commercial for them for the Super Bowl last year, followed by another one last fall with Ice Spice, and now he’s filming another one, presumably to premiere during the Super Bowl next month. This time with Charli who finally knows who he is. 


It’s kind of a boss turnaround. Because when those original photos were taken and turned into a meme, Ben was representing a losing mood. The first year of COVID, we lived in sweats and never washed our hair, we were globally bummed, and those pictures of him basically illustrated the collective worldwide vibe. 

Now he’s making money off it. Probably big money as his company, Artists’ Equity, is developing these spots. That’s the Ben Affleck cycle, though, right? He falls down and he comes back. And right now, in his professional and personal life, the cycle is on the up. Air is an underdog but it’s still in the award season conversation. He’ll likely be at the Golden Globes this weekend for Air. And he and Jennifer Lopez just celebrated New Year’s together in St Barts. 


There were some pictures taken of the two of them shopping when they were there and Page Six and the Daily Mail played Photo Assumption, selectively, with a few of those shots that suggested that maybe there may have been some tension. 

That’s why Photo Assumption is so unreliable though because in most of the pictures, Bennifer looks fine. In fact they seem happy. But the tabloids are always trying to push the narrative that they could be in jeopardy… and I’m not sure why, in 2024, there’s anyone out there who wants this to happen. 

This Is Me… Now is about to come out. It’s the album of their love. He co-wrote the short film that will accompany the release. We’re basically getting the sequel to the “Jenny From The Block” video, right? So who the f-ck is trying to ruin this? AND WHY?!