It wasn’t a secret that Ben Affleck would be doing a commercial for Dunkin’ as the news was already reported weeks ago when he was seen working the checkout back home in Massachusetts. It’s just amazing that it took this long, considering how long he’s been culturally associated with the brand – through good times and bad. He said it himself in an interview with PEOPLE: 

"I think people already sort of think that I work for Dunkin'.” 


So now he’s officially getting Dunkin’ money, in more ways than one. Because not only was he likely paid for it, he also coproduced it through Artists’ Equity, the company he founded with Matt Damon late last year. When Artists’ Equity was announced back in November, it was confirmed that going forward, Ben would “work exclusively for Artists’ Equity” which means if you want him, it has to go through his production company and its profit-sharing model. 

This then, for Ben, was not just a fame decision, but mostly a business decision. An early financial win right out of the gate with a brand partnership and it’ll be interesting to see where Artists’ Equity goes from here, with the Dunkin’ money on top of the $100 million in funding that they started with from RedBird Capital. 

You think his wife gave him a discount? Jennifer Lopez makes a cameo, and it’s a good cameo. What I like about it is that it plays on the idea that she’s breaking his balls, which is the assumption that people have always made about their relationship, from way back then right up to last weekend at the Grammys. They’re obviously leaning into that with this spot, and since Ben’s the one producing it, it probably doesn’t bother him all that much what people think since he and Artists’ Equity are the ones cashing in. 


And he’s also benefitting from her social media accounts too since his other project, Air, opens in a couple of months. Sarah wrote last week about the film’s trailer and JLo posted it on her IG feed… but note the caption she slapped on his face: 


Definitely a callback to what people were talking about when they were at the Grammys together and every cutaway to Ben looked like he didn’t want to be there. She has 234 million followers right now on Instagram. I’m sure the Amazon and Warner Bros marketing teams don’t mind at all. 

Bennifer skipped the Super Bowl yesterday and were in LA on the weekend hanging out with their kids. Ben was seen filming daughter Serafina on the skateboard. And word is they’ve finally found a home – TMZ reports that they’ve put in an offer for a $34.5 million estate that was built last year. Ben sold his place in Pacific Palisades last year and they were planning to move into the Bel Air property that she’s owned since 2016 but now she’s listed that home for $42.5 million – it’s gorgeous, check it out here, that kitchen! – which is a big sign if they’re putting in that much money together and letting go of their existing estates. The Bel Air estate is her only place in Los Angeles (she has other homes in New York City, the Hamptons, and Miami) and if she’s giving that up for one primary location with him (note – she didn’t do that with Alex Rodriguez. Also…who?!), she is going all in.