It’s not unusual to see Ben Affleck at a drive-thru and it’s not unusual to see Ben at Dunkin’ Donuts…but typically he’s the customer, and not the customer service representative. 


Here he is, though, at a Dunkin’ in Massachusetts, with the headset on, taking orders at the drive-thru – and apparently he wasn’t letting everyone pay. The people who were served by Ben were REALLY served by Ben, as one customer says that she tried and he waved her off, telling her that all of his customers were getting it for free. It’s not like he can’t afford it, obviously, but is he making money too? 

Back in November, when he and Jennifer Lopez were seen at a Dunkin’, I wrote that I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t seen him in a Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial yet. Well… the timing seems to fit now. The Super Bowl is a month away and while I don’t see any camera or crew around (they may have been, it’s just the paps didn’t include any shots of that) most of us, I think, would have a hard time believing that Ben just had a few hours in his day to spare and decided to volunteer at Dunkin’ Donuts. And I HOPE he’s getting paid. Because even if he is a celebrity, there is no reason to give any corporation a free ride. No manager or agent would be happy with this. You might think celebrities are spoiled and could stand to give regular folks a break – yeah, sure, that energy X 1000 when it comes to corporations. 


Anyway, according to social media, JLo was with him: 

So she’s joined him on this trip, perhaps a family trip with him back home, and they’re doing business at the same time?