I don’t know if these shots of Ben Affleck were taken in the morning – the photo agency doesn’t specify. So this is my assumption, based on his morning hair and sleepy vibes, as he’s pulling away from Jennifer Lopez’s LA home yesterday.  


When it first broke that Ben and JLo were hanging out again, it was because he was seen at her place, just before the Global Citizen Vax Live event. Earlier this week, Bennifer was out for dinner with friends, including her manager Benny Medina and now it appears that the other people who were in their group were some of her family members…which kinda tracks because if you believe the rumours over the years, Ben and JLo’s ma, Guadalupe, actually stayed in touch after they broke off their engagement. Guadalupe was actually at the Vax Live event with JLo a few weeks ago – she pulled her on stage. So it’s possible that Ben and his almost-mother-in-law have seen each other on a few occasions since Bennifer was reborn. It’s possible that, like Benny Medina, Guadalupe is very much in favour of Bennifer 2021. Like I said the other day when I posted about those Bennifer photos of them arm in arm at dinner, there seems to be a lot of support for them in the JLo community …which is not a problem for anyone right now, except maybe ARod.  


It’s now been exactly a month since it first became public that this is the era of Bennifer 2021. In that time, it doesn’t seem like they’ve been apart for more than two weekends. After Vax Live they went to Montana. They returned to LA together in time for Mother’s Day and then JLo headed to Miami. They went a week or so apart before he flew to Miami, joining her at her rental home, and he left before the long weekend, and now she’s in LA and they’re spending nights together. That’s definitely a sign about how serious it is, right? Not that anyone was doubting. Nobody is doubting. All there is and should be is pure positivity. Bennifer lives. Bennifer Summer!