There were no updates on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez last week after they were seen together in Montana. JLo was in Miami, Ben was in LA, photographed a couple of times with his children, and while there was all kinds of reporting and speculation about their situationship, it was all filler until the next chapter. Which happened this past weekend – and I’m sure you’ve already seen the photos. For the second year in a row, Ben Affleck is coming through for us. Can we just appreciate him for this, please? I’m serious. 


In 2020, during the early part of the pandemic in North America, it was Ben’s love life that was the gossip story of the time. It’s now 2021 and once again, Ben’s romance is occupying our gossip attention – and it’s not the kind of gossip that makes us feel like sh-t. Not when JLo’s out here on her social media accounts seeming to encourage it, not when other celebrities, like Jennifer Lawrence, are all into it too. Bennifer, right now, is FUN. 

This latest sighting is fun. Because we have the history and the present and the future all coming together. Like, you’ve heard how people are talking about his watch, right? 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hold hands while filming her new music video at Barefoot restaurant on October 20, 2002 in Beverly Hills, California

You know what this tells me? Ben has a box! A box of old love things! You know how a lot of us have that box? A box you shove the old letters and the movie ticket stubs and the polaroids and the trinkets into? Ben has one too! I mean, it’s probably a safe or a vault because this watch isn’t cheap – but he has one, right? He has one and it’s marked “JLo” and he’s gone back into it and pulled out this watch… 

Which means… 

Is that where the ring is?!

Let’s also talk about their, um, appearances in these shots. JLo’s swanning around in a nightgown, her hair messed up, with that glow. This woman is always glowing, we know, but JLo has a variation of glows. This is …well… this is a specific kind of glow. You know the glow. A rumpled glow. Rumpled? Not a word we usually associate with Jennifer Lopez. But that’s where we are now, what we’ve returned to. 


Ben Affleck rumples her – in a good way. This is what I meant a few weeks ago when I said that there was never this kind of heat when JLo was with Alex Rodriguez. She seemed happy, sure, but the heat? Never this heat, never with the nightgown and the hair and this particular glow. 

And then there’s Ben who, well, Ben looks good. To be fair, he was glowing up before JLo came back into his life. But they were also seen hitting up the gym together over the last couple of days, so let’s not talk like he’s the one who influences her and that the transformation only goes one way. If anything, he may be the one adapting to her lifestyle which is actually, quite famously, a really productive one. 

Back in the day though, productive was not necessarily how it was described. When a clean-cut, super pretty Ben showed up in the “Jenny From The Block” video, a lot of people made fun of him for getting glossed up for her. Like it was somehow emasculating. In the years that have passed, where lifestyle is concerned, wouldn’t Ben benefit from the JLo lifestyle? 


She is widely known for being one of the most disciplined and healthy celebrities. She is religious about sleep. She works out a lot. She’s never been a hard partier. Her life has always been about moderation. He could do worse if he’s being “influenced”. And, hopefully, he’s mature enough now to see it that way. 

So let’s not spoil this. Let’s not mock it (too much), let’s not complain about it. There is nothing to complain about here. Nobody is losing! Let them live! Let them love!