What timing! Earlier I posted about Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s quiet week. And now look! Fresh photos of the two of them on a dog walk this morning, just in time for the weekend which means we didn’t quite go a full proper seven day week without seeing them. We’re gonna be OK everybody! 

Guess who turned 40 years old today? He looks great with his shirt off. He doesn’t look great on red carpets though because he always lifts his chin up too high. He a played a really sh-tty boyfriend/husband in the role that made him famous. He’s also had some not-so-great boyfriend moments in real life, or at least in interviews. (Dlisted)


A new episode of Saturday Night Live will air this weekend. Not sure how that will work because it’s not like they’re planning to all go into studio so I’m really curious to see how they pull it off. This is Show Your Work porn. Also the Cuomo Brothers are still at it because everyone still needs it. Watching them roll their eyes at each other every night is self-care for some people. Me included. (Pajiba)

Sarah Hyland covers the new issue of Cosmpolitan wearing only a giant white hat but I’m not sure you can actually say that she’s “wearing” it? Agree with the Fug Girls that that cover line is not quite the best use of words. Does that hat actually exist in real life though? Who could possibly wear a hat of this size? Maybe Billy Porter. Is it Billy Porter’s hat? (Go Fug Yourself)


It’s also Elle Fanning’s birthday. She’s 22 years old. And her cake was Strawberry Shortcake themed. With a mask. Pretty cute. Not going to lie – I would be pretty bummed if it was my birthday right now because I’m such a birthday whore. And I’m already thinking about where we’ll all be when my birthday comes around. This, I know, is not a priority for anyone, and obviously I need to f-ck off about my birthday. But since I know my friends and family are reading this, if I could make a birthday wish, it would be that BTS’s tour gets reschedule and that their Toronto stop happens on my birthday and I get to go for my birthday. A BTS themed birthday cake is also a good idea, thank you in advance! (Cele|bitchy)

Staying with cakes, here’s a quiz about cakes and what cake is right for your personality. Mine came up chocolate which… yeah, I think that’s pretty accurate. (Buzzfeed)