Dear Gossips,   

Six sleeps to go until the Oscars, are we ready? Oscar voting closes today and there are several tight races in several major categories. But as we know, the Oscar show always starts on the red carpet – it’s the most high-profile red carpet of the year. So it’s crunch time right now for stylists and stars as final fittings and alterations are happening over the next couple of days. 


You know who’s been turning it out all award season? Don’t sleep on Best Supporting Actor nominee Brian Tyree Henry. I shouted out his pale violet suit at the Nominees Luncheon a few weeks ago, just one of the many looks he’s served over the last couple of months, in a variety of colours, from purple to merlot to pink… 

Brian is commemorating his first Oscar experience with his wardrobe and I LOVE that he was just featured in The Hollywood Reporter for his style approach to the season, telling culture writer Evan Nicole Brown that:

“Because of my dark complexion, the more vibrant the color, the better. I want everything to pop. I mean that’s the beauty of our Black and brown skin ­— it really goes with anything.”

And anything means no restrictions, even though he says he’s aware that:

“I’m not a conventional shape that most people want to dress, most people will be like, “Oh, you can either go dowdy or you have to go baggy,” but I don’t care about that. I love every curve that I have. I love the build that I am, and I want to make sure I accentuate all those things. So that leaves me a lot of room to play.”


Designers want to play too. So working with someone like Brian, who is open to colour and obviously puts a lot of thought into how to express himself through his clothing, is probably a bonus. Which is why there are options. Brian confirms that he’ll be wearing a custom fit on Oscar night. He can’t reveal yet who it is, but he does promise that “it will be a moment”. 

“It will reflect exactly who I am and will reflect what this moment means. It’s really classic, sleek, neat.”

Watch out for the Oscars carpet. He may not win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar but he will definitely be on every Best Dressed List. 

Yours in gossip,