Beyoncé and Jay-Z are a little over a month away from the first tour date of their On The Run II tour. Billboard is already predicting that it will double the gross of the first On The Run tour in 2014.  After Beychella, it's not like Beyoncé and Jay-Z need to promote this tour. Beychella was the ultimate tour trailer. The greatest performer of all time is about to hit the road after giving the greatest performance of her career. The BeyHive is ready. We stay ready.  

Every Beyoncé fan I know already has their tickets. I'm going in Buffalo since there is no Toronto date (yet.) Lainey is going in Vancouver. We’ll both probably go again if a Toronto date gets added. Beyoncé and Jay-Z don’t need to do a daily countdown leading up to the tour’s kickoff date because thousands of their tickets remain unsold just 9 days out (ahem, Taylor Swift). They also don’t need to do a residency on The Voice or host the Billboard Awards to drum up excitement for their tour (Kelly Clarkson). They may not need to do any overt publicity stunts but the rollout to On The Run II has still been strategic. 


As usual, Beyoncé hasn’t said anything about what we can expect from the tour but in an interview with PEOPLE, Richard Lawson aka Miss Tina’s husband, said that the tour will “confront the hard subjects.

"This is gonna be really a culmination of their growth and their ability to really confront the hard subjects and the hard issues."

Richard is not being a rogue relative. I don’t think that Beyoncé or Jay-Z mind that this tidbit was leaked. Not only is this a good reminder that Jay-Z will be there too (sorry, Jay) but it teases that the elephant in the room will be addressed. This is their first joint tour since Lemonade and 4:44. Both albums are directly about Jay’s infidelity and their tumultuous marriage. Of course, On The Run II is going to confront these subjects. OF COURSE. There will probably be some unseen home footage and even more insight into how much of a sh-tty husband Jay has been.  But we all know the end of the story. Beyoncé and Jay-Z came through his bullsh-t and are living their happily ever after (for now). So, in the lead up to On The Run II, which will “confront the hard subjects,” isn’t it beneficial for Jay and Bey to show a united front?  


Last night was date night for Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Warriors vs. Pelicans playoff game in Oakland. They were courtside, in a sea of yellow which made for a nice throwback to Beychella. 


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Two birds, one stone. United and reminding us of that ICONIC performance. If you want more, get your tickets. 

On The Run II may also give us more Destiny’s Child. It has been 20 years since the Destiny’s Child debut album and to honour that anniversary, The Sun is reporting that Michelle and Kelly will show up to select dates of the tour as surprise guests. (Although Lainey wants to point out here that The Sun isn’t exactly the most legit source of Beyonce gossip.) So, Kelly’s Instagram post of the three of them hanging out last week may have just been a taste of the Destiny’s Child content we’re going to get this summer. 


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Can we count on Michelle to accidently leak which On The Run II dates they are showing up to so I can plan my life accordingly? STAY READY.