I felt something shift last night, and it wasn’t just my period which, if I may, is something truly spectacular right now. Has anyone written a think-piece yet on pandemic periods? Because mine during all these months of lockdown has been volcanic. Is there a correlation? More on periods later. 


For now, let’s go back to why the earth moved – because Beyoncé dropped an update last night. Another collection, this time it’s called ICY PARK: 

So it’s Beyoncé…for winter. And now we have to scrounge for change because some of these pieces are … I WANT. On our group chat, Sasha was all about the footwear. These boots!


I’m eyeing that copper metallic jacket. It’s copper, right? 

And Duana’s all about the elbow-length puffy mitts: 


But, to Sasha’s point, not that anyone is here to challenge the Queen and her mind, is it too late for snow style? Are you in the mood for more winter gear or are you already thinking about spring? Maybe it doesn’t matter because Beyoncé is putting the groundhog out of a job and telling us that winter will be here until she says it’s over – and clearly, for her, it’s not over yet. 

I wonder which celebrities will get the advance drop and start showing it off on social media. You know who’s probably at the top of the list? Amanda Gorman, who we’re now all obsessed with after the inauguration. Amanda was featured on Beyonce’s website. She’d look so great in that white hat.