Dear Gossips, 

This is the last site intro of 2020. We are posting today and then we will be dark tomorrow and Friday for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. 


Let us end this wretched year with a blessing and how the Queen chooses to bless the people closest to her. We know what it means to be on Beyoncé’s Ivy Park list but when it comes to her Christmas list, it’s a much shorter set of names. THAT is the ultimate insider’s club and she’s not taking any new members. As she said, “I ain’t makin’ no new friends”. There’s no more room “on the spaceship”. 

For the girls who get a seat on the spaceship though, here’s what they all got to end the year – a middle finger: 

That necklace, obviously, was for the top tier. Miss Tina showed hers off too: 


But what about the loyalists in Beyoncé’s orbit who may not be in the innermost circle but are still within her solar system? Remember when she casually dropped in her British Vogue interview that she has two real beehives at home and makes honey? Bey’s Hive honey is super exclusive. 

“Honey honey

I can see the stars all the way from here”

Wishing you a safe and healthy conclusion to what’s been (understatement) a challenging, heartbreaking, terrifying year. May 2021 be…better. May we keep learning and listening and understanding and caring. May you be loved as much as you love. May this be true, as she sang: 

“Nothing's perfect but it's worth it
After fighting through [our] tears” 

Love on Top in 2021. 


Yours in gossip,